I am a believer. Paranormal beings and events, fate, luck, I believe in all. Had I not I wouldn’t have proper words to define those stuffs.

I believe that a real fortune in life would be having what you’ve earned till date and not those tangible wealth. The successful relationships, the friendships, the prestige you’ve earned. In today’s world earning money isn’t a big thing, earning someone is one. With everything fake going on same has happened with people and their emotions. So having a person to be there when in need and being there for them in need is in fact the biggest fortune anyone can have.

I’m lucky enough to have found such treasures in my life and I’m sure life has some more presents along the way too. A happy family, few good friends and countless memories to remember and smile- that’s all one needs 🙂 At least I couldn’t ask for anything more. Money is something you have today and not tomorrow but relationships – if true, it’ll stay with you till your last breath. Relationship here doesn’t only between a couple. It could be that of friends, family, teacher-student and many others that can’t be defined in words. These things stay with you and provide you with happiness and memories all your life.

But what has to be taken care is that relationships always works both ways. It cannot be such that one is putting his/her effort and the other isn’t. Such things are nothing but temporary as one will eventually get tired of trying to save it and gradually it fades.Although it is rare within families but cannot be said it doesn’t happen and in other types it always happens. Nowadays all I can see is people running for something to be thought as precious but don’t realize that something precious is actually being left behind and in the end are left with nothing but loneliness and disappointment. Has the development and technology got us that blind that we can’t see whats what. Can’t we differentiate anymore what is important and what is not, what is temporary and what stays forever.

I just wish everybody realizes before its too late to realize, before they are left with none but their own tangible wealth, before its too late to overcome. I hope everyone realizes what true fortune they have in life and do their best to never lose them… 😀