I’m sure most of us have always dreamed of what life would be like when we grow up. We all had our own plans and checklist of what we would do and how our life would be when we accomplish all that we have planned of. Like most of the people here I am and life as we know has scorched by.

Reality is always different from the assumptions. Its not that every thing we had planned has been done or every checklist we prepared is ticked off. And that is what life is exactly about.It just seem like yesterday we did those things which in fact was done years ago. First crush, first love, first kiss, first paycheck etc. all just seem like yesterday and looks like life has passed in a whisker and it’ll continue to remain so until the day we have our last breath.

So what have we actually achieved during these years is the main matter of discussion. Have we really lived the way we had imagined or have we just been the slave of time and money. Its not surprise to us that life is uncertain and any-day could be our last. If it is so then why do the things as greed, envy, selfishness etc exist, why don’t we give time for whats important to us and make us happy rather than running after the virtual stuffs. A simple question- When is the last time you lay down flat on the grass and stare at the sky (evening or night time)?  Most of our answer would be some years ago, ages ago or never and the reason behind it “who’s got time for that stuff”. I’m sure those who have experienced it know very well how satisfying it really is . Is it worth our time- you bet it is.

We all are well aware of the fact that life is too uncertain. today here we are but who knows we may be even alive or not tomorrow.So why is it that we can’t spare some time for things that actually satisfies us, why is it that we don’t have time for our families, why is it that we don’t have time for our hobbies and passions. Is it because we are planning it for later days. Well then we can refer back to our childhood when we had many plans but is still undone till now and may remain undone forever. It doesn’t mean that everything that we have planned for needs to be done but the main point is that those important things that actually mean something cannot be left just as a plan of future or to be done after some years because we never know which day is our last. The only thing certain is that life scorches by when we are alive so better spare time for those things instead of running for intangible stuffs before time runs out. 😀

Cheers to living!!!