I may not remembermother the moments of my birth or that of my early childhood though I can still recall some glimpse of them and till date I can without a second thought admit there’s nothing any better than my mother’s hug either it be then or it be now. Its the safest place I could ever be – the perfect sanctuary.

.   I learned to crawl at 1, walk at 2, run at 2.5 and during all these learning I did it without any hesitation because I knew that if I were to fall, there would be one person to catch me
before I even did and that would be my mother. Mother –  She’s is in fact the only person who’ll be there standing besides you even when the whole world is standing against you. There may be your problems which she may be able to solve and some which she may not but it’s assured that you will find comfort sharing your problems doesn’t matter she may be able to solve it or not. There’s a phrase in Sanskrit which translates to ” Mother and Motherland are greater than heaven ” and there’s no any contradiction to that. She knew you 9 months before anyone else did, even before you knew yourself.

They say behind every successful man there’s a woman but I have always believed  that women to be his mother. She is a source of inspiration and much more beyond that. Her voice has the power to influence, her care has the magic of cure. So if anyone ever asks me whether I liked to go heaven, I would reply I have already been there – my mother’s arms where I can find love, protection, comfort and moreover where I can find heaven on earth…