friendship   Everybody has their own perspective about friendship ; how friends are ; their importance and etc. … Everybody has got their own meaning to friendship and their own definition of friends. As they go down the lane of life their definition changes, their perspective changes and more importantly their friends change. Although we want to make many friends and lose none, something’s just happen on their own e.g. how an friend becomes a best friend or any so called best friend is no longer even a friend.

Like all approx. 6 billion people worldwide, I too have my own definition of friendship or maybe I should say has a meaning to me. Like others I have had the chance to make new friends and in the same way lose many. However this blog post is especially dedicated to one of my friends with whom I have been friend for as long as I can remember. I don’t exactly recall what the first conversation was that we had but I don’t think it matters anyway because at present he’s the only friend for whom I will be willing to do anything and I do know that he would too. Its not that we didn’t have ups and downs in our friendship or that we were always this close. But time has created such a strong bond between us that nothing and I literally mean it nothing can create a crack in our friendship.

We were in the 4rth grade when we first met and I can’t recall any particular event about us but the first one that I can remember is when we were together in one of the worst science projects when we were in 5th grade. The following years made us better friends and the following ones-best friends. If I try to recall the best moments of my life till date then you are there in almost every one. If I try to write about all those moments then I can write a book about it. We also  had the chance to live as roommates too though it was for a short time as life had otherwise plans for us. I don’t have a brother but during those times I got to realize what brotherly feeling feels like. You’ve always been a source of motivation to me. Though 1000 miles away I know all those struggles that you are doing there and sometimes when I feel too much to take in I think of you and it motivates me to continue.

Its now just a matter of time and then all those plans that we’ve made to do before our youth gives up on us and other responsibilities start to hit us, we’ll be living it. I can proudly say I’m truly blessed to have a friend like you. You are the friend who has been there for me whenever I needed. You are the friend who has made me feel what brotherly feeling is. You are the only friend who I can assure will be there for me till my last breath. You are the friend who has made me understand what Eternal Friendship is all about.